Carolina Dieckmann Leaked Nude Photo Scandal


Here is model turn actress Carolina Dieckmann naked in some leaked private pictures that were stolen from her computer. Her lawyer Antonio Carlos de Almeida Castro told the media after the scandal broke that the TV star was blackmailed for a month with the photos in which she appears naked. And these leaked nudes are causing a huge scandal in Brazil where Carolina Dieckmann is famous star on a very popular telenovela (soap opera) with millions of viewers. According to Castro, Carolina have already identify the suspected source of the leak of the photos that were taken from her computer without her permission. According to the lawyer, "Caroline is down and very upset." The lawyer points out that Carolina Dieckmann never wanted to pose nude, although she has received several offers. Castro says, "She never wanted to be seen naked by the public, so this is a crime in all respects."

The Brazilian actress
unwitting become the victim of an extortion plot after she brought her PC to a shop for repairs. She willingly handed over the hard drive with the private nude images to some computer tech who quickly discovered photos of the popular actress. The computer tech went through the files on the hard drive without permission and copied the at least 35 files. This is one of the issues raised by Carolina's lawyer, but the police investigation is much broader according to reports. The computer tech then shared his x-rated find with his friends and from there a plot was concocted to extort $10,000 from Carolina with the threat of releasing the images for the world to see. Through e-mails, the blackmailers asked for the money from the actress with the threat of further violation of her privacy. But she refused to pay the plotters the extortion fee so they leaked the photos to the media and Internet earlier this month.

But in leaking these photos the extortionists might have bitten off a bit more than they can chew because this is now a huge story in Brazil. And the police are investigating the matter... And the local media is all over the story. About 35 personal photos of Carolina were leaked, including several that show the genitalia of Carolina fully-frontally naked, which, according to the lawyer, "substantially aggravated crime." The attorney said he is entering two actions in court this month. One will be an injunction, to prevent the photos from being communicated, disclosed or transmitted, otherwise the websites that keep up the photos will continue to encore daily fines of an amount to be established. The other action is criminal, to determine who removed the images from the computer and put Carolina personal images in the public square. The actress will testify in Precinct Crime Suppression of Information Technology (DRCI), in Rio de Janeiro. According to her lawyer, The intention is to mark the testimony with "greater urgency, because things are all very serious." Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.


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Carolina Dieckmann Worcman (born September 16, 1978 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is a Brazilian actress of Dutch ancestry.

Dieckmann acted in soap operas since 1992. A 2004 article in the Women's Wear Daily described Dieckmann as one of the "fastest-rising actresses" in Brazil.

Dieckmann portrayed a person with leukemia in the telenovela Laços de Família; in response 23,000 marrow donations were given after the telenovela aired.