Dirty Shower Time With Naughty Asian Girlfriend


Here we have a slightly shy yet very fun Asian babe getting ready to take a dirty shower and her taking said dirty shower. With her soft boobies getting soapy in the water and that a nice ass too. Then after getting as clean as a dirty girl can get she strike a few naughty poses on a bed for her boyfriend's camera. Damn that lucky fucker and soon to be happy behind the camera... Anyway, remember to join the Gutter Uncensored fan page on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/GutterUncensoredcom/71689381800 and feel free to leave a suggestion or comment there. And remember to send more interesting pictures and videos (of individuals 18 year-old or older) to GutterUncensored@yahoo.com ASAP. Click on pictures to enlarge.

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