What is Masturbation?
  Masturbation is sexual satisfaction stimulation that produces an orgasm.
Many physicians believe that masturbation to be a normal, natural activity that most people engage in throughout their life. In masturbation a male or female satisfied their sexual need and desire by sexual toys, it self, group sex or with single partner.

Is Masturbation Hurting?  
 Masturbation is not a hurting or injuring activity. It is usually and normal activity. Through masturbation a person feels good, satisfied and healthy so in this he was doing their all performances very perfectly.

Is Masturbation Produce sexual diseases?
 Masturbation is not produce some sexual or legs, knees diseases/ disturbances. It is a very pleasurable act for a man or women. It's satisfied a person and also increases the working ability and power of a person.

Masturbation by their own Self: