French Kissing

                                                       French Kiss

It is a Part of romance and Love. It is a pleasure able activity who gives a beloved a peaceful pleasure and happiness. Mostly lover doing this romantic activity just for showing his or her love, care, emotions, feelings and sensations.    

How to do French Kiss
It is also a sexual activity in  which male and female both partners mach their lips and suck their lips, tongue and almost quietly bites on tongue.French kissing involves tongue contact, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. But there certainly are plenty of preferences and you will find out  that exactly what boy want from a girl and what girls want from a boy

Their are Some techniques of French Kissing:
1. Mach/ combine your lips.
2. Flicker your tongues from the tips.
3. Rotate tongues in circular movement.
4. Suck your partner's lips and tongue.
5. Quietly bite their tongue constantly.

How to kissing a girl:
In some places might you want to kiss a girl e.g. In car, Drawing room or bedroom, on the beach, in a quiet street or when at the end of the date. First  you need to know when a girl is interested in kissing you, you will see a different changes in her behavior and body language.
For example:
1: She will make more eye contact with you.
2: laugh at all your jokes.
3: Put her head down and look up at you in a shy way. etc.