Sex with Animals
Sex with animals is very common activity in different forger countries like, Canada, Netherlands, 34 U.S.
states, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zia land, Turkey and Ghana.But it is currently illegal in these countries to performing the sexual activities with animals."Extreme Pornography Act" outlaws images of a person performing or appearing to perform an act of intercourse or oral sex with an animal (whether that animal is dead or alive). Countries such as Belgium, Germany, and Russia are somewhere in between: they permit sexual activity with animals, but probably the promotion of animal-oriented pornography or zoo sexuality. This activity is quiet bad and very dangerous for the health of human being/man kind and also create disturbance in the behavior of animals. This activity also affected on animals heath and waste their reproductive energy, so in this case this illegal sexual activity is the biggest reason for the decreasing of animals population.
            It is not allowed to shows/display the pictures of zoo sexuality/bestiality.That's why we linked our blogger to that websites so if you want to see you will open these websites the website address is mentioned at below.  

Bestiality websites: