Bahrain Army Open Fire On Protesters


Warning... the video below is very graphic, violent and disturbing!

On Thursday Bahrain's leaders banned public gatherings and sent tanks into the streets, intensifying a crackdown that killed five anti-government protesters, and wounded more than 250. However authorities backed down from the standoff with protesters in a bid to ease tensions. Yesterday tanks and riot police suddenly withdraw from the capital's main square, and thousands have gathered there to celebrate. But before the withdrawal, this was the scene:

After being subjected to a violent crackdown on Thursday and Friday, pro reform protesters flooded back into Manama's Pearl Roundabout when Bahraini security forces withdrew from the area on Saturday afternoon. Here is a report from Euronews:

Fuck, it is total chaos and violence in the Middle East and North Africa. Bahrain's government said on Saturday that it had opened a dialogue with opposition groups demanding reform. The Associated Press report:

Sure as hell is sad to see people meowed down like that while peacefully marching. But I knew... I knew you only care that the season opening Bahrain F1 Grand Prix is not canceled. You bastard! Just kidding... Lets hope Google don't kill this blog again for posting this shocking video but they allow it on Youtube so we should be okay here.